All White, Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns for kids are strong and durable and create excellent aesthetic results. The crown should look very similar to your child's natural tooth! These are becoming an increasingly popular choice in children's dentistry. At Best Dentist 4 Kids we use two brands of all white crowns: Kinder Crowns and EZPEDO. Parents have been incredibly happy to have the option of a crown that looks like a natural tooth!!

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The overall goal in our design process was to make Zirconia Kinder Krowns® as lifelike and anatomically correct as possible. From the characterized incisal edge, to the scientifically developed shades and finely feathered margins, these restorations were designed to “wow” your clients. Our durable and lifelike zirconia crowns are rated at 1234 MPa (178,976 Psi), made exclusively from raw materials of TOSOH® Corporation, Japan, the world market leader for zirconium dioxides. Using the latest hydrolysis processes and nano-technologies, TOSOH® produces the most consistent, high quality zirconia available.

Kinder Krowns

Surface Treatment

We use a proprietary polishing system to provide you with a microscopically scratch free surface which minimizes wear on the opposing. Dr. John Burgess, examined the wear of enamel in both polished and glazed in the comparison to a commonly used porcelain and nature enamel. In the study, the polished zirconia demonstrated 8 times less wear on enamel than glazed zirconia. (“Next Generation Materials.” Inside Dental Technology 3.3 (2012): 25-31.)

Retention System

Zirconia Kinder Krowns feature  internal retention bands designed specifically to adhere the restoration to the tooth after cementation. The retention bands also provide additional surface area on the internal aspect of the crown, making the bond at the crown-cement interface much more tenacious.

Feathered Margins

To help with gingival acceptance and to make the emergence profile as natural looking as possible, we have finely feathered the margin on Zirconia Kinder Krowns®.

Contour Option

To help simplify your ordering and inventory, we recommend universally contoured Zirconia Anterior Kinder Krowns®, however they can be ordered as universal, left or right contour.

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Anterior Collection

Anterior Collection Intro

Inspired by nature and modified to work in every situation, EZ-Pedo's Anterior Crown Collection was designed to look and function just like natural teeth.

Anterior Collection

Posterior Collection

Posterior Collection Intro

EZ-Pedo's Posterior V2™ Crown Collection was designed to meet the demands of dentists and the esthetic requirements of parents. With both our V2™ shapes—designed for cases with optimal spacing, and our Prime SL™ shapes—specifically designed for cases with arch length loss due to crowding or space loss, EZ-Pedo has a crown that will work in any situation.

Posterior Collection

The First and Still the Best

Since we invented the first pediatric Zirconia crown, we’ve continuously evolved our products to ensure they remain the best looking, the longest lasting, and the easiest to use in the industry. Made with biocompatible Zirconia, our crowns were designed for dentists by dentists to conquer real world clinical challenges. From our patented Zir-Lock retention technology to our Flat Fit solution for space loss, we’re always adding new features that will please dentists, patients—and their parents. Together with our use of both computer-aided and hand-finished design, these features continue to make our crowns the go-to choice for dentists nationwide.

Flat Fit IP: Make Seating A Snap

Stainless steel crown often require inter proximal adaptation to fit side by side in space loss scenarios and zirconia crowns can’t be adapted. Only EZ Crowns with our Flat Fit IP contours make side by side placement with zirconia frustration free. We also offer crowns equipped with our Flat Fit OC contours that lower occlusal clearance (by .2mm on average versus other brands!) by creating a shallower cusp-fossa relationship to reduce the risk of iatrogenic pulp exposure and complications from hyper occlusion.

ZIR-LOCK ULTRA: Create Lasting Bonds

Subgingival preparation creates tissue trauma and bleeding that’s nearly impossible to completely isolate prior to cementation. Blood, moisture and debris reduce the adhesive power of resin-based cements. That’s why many dentists use GI cements, which have the longest record of success in pediatrics. Our Zir-Lock technology uses a cellular lattice that increases the interior surface area of our crowns to increase mechanical retention, creating the strongest bond to GI cement of any brand—all without annoying try in crowns.