Sedation Dentistry 4 Kids

With Sedation Dentistry, Best Dentist 4 Kids makes every checkup, cleaning or dental procedure a safe, comfortable experience for kids of all temperaments.

Best Dentist 4 Kids Office PicBest Dentist 4 Kids practices safe Sedation Dentistry right in our offices, and at Holy Redeemer Hospital. We're experts at putting your child at ease and providing a comfortable dental experience. Some young children have problems cooperating during a dental treatment due to fear, a traumatic experience with another dentist, or because of their young age. In light of this, our staff is fully trained and licensed to provide two types of relaxing sedation that will make your kid's office visit a breeze.

Conscious Sedation:

Our first sedation option is Conscious Sedation. In this process, we administer Nitrous Oxide, or "laughing gas." Your child will be awake and able to respond, but in a state of extreme relaxation. We believe that all children should have a pleasant experience at the dentist which is why we offer Nitrous Oxide to sooth the nerves and smooth the process.

General Anesthesia:

In rare instances, a child may not be able to be treated while awake or under conscious sedation, whether due to their young age, combativeness, or extensive amount of treatment. For these patients we provide the option of general anesthesia at Holy Redemer Hospital. Your child will be under the direct supervision of our professional anesthesiologist throughout their entire anesthetic. The anesthesiologist is responsible to ensure your child's safety and comfort. If you have additional questions, please contact our office to speak directly with our sedation experts. We're always hear to listen to your concerns and provide you with all the info you need to make an informed decision regarding your child's dental care.

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