Best Dentist 4 Kids Has The Greatest Patients

...And Our Patients Give Rave Reviews For Philly's Best Pediatric Dentists

Finding a dentist you can trust with your children is one of the most important choices a parent can make. Who's advice do you listen to? What should you be looking for in a Pediatric Dentist?

Here at Best Dentist 4 Kids, we know that the best reason to trust us is our legion of satisfied patients and parents. We're going to let them speak for us. This is just a smattering of reviews from around the internet that we're proud to share with you.

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yelp-ios-app-300x300Sue F. From Philadelphia - 3/21/12

"Dr. Mike is very gentle, he welcomes parents into the treatment room, he explains to both the patient and parent the steps and procedure he is going to take, and treats both the parent and patient with the utmost respect. Dr. Mike is extremely caring and dedicated to his patients. For example, this past weekend, [my son] Kieran injured himself and needed emergency care, Dr. Mike came in on his day off to make sure that Kieran was treated immediately...."

facebook-ios-app-300x300Kim K. From Horsham - 6/7/13

"We had an emergency Thursday night when my 5 year old fell down a hill face first onto the concrete sidewalk and in my panic heading to CHOP I took the chance of calling our dentist at 5pm... never thinking I would get help at this time I was wrong, we were sent right up to the Horsham office and our son was treated so "calmly" that he never even made a sound while he was being worked on. Over and beyond a dentist as he even checked his eyes for signs of a concussion, etc..."

yelp-ios-app-300x300Anonymous Review From Philadelphia - 4/25/13

"One word, amazing. It was my two year olds first time going to the dentist and they made her feel comfortable enough to actually get her teeth cleaned. Well, as best as a two year old can. There was no waiting, the second we walked in we were taken back. There was also only one other kid threat the same time. That was the main reason I went to this practice was because they promised they didn't overbook and it was true. Best dentist and staff for kids ever..."