Healthy Diet = Healthy Teeth

Everyone should have a healthy and well balanced diet, espcially children! One of the best ways to ensure that your child has healthy teeth is through a healthy diet. By providing them with healthy meals and snacks you can pave the way for good dental health.

BD4K Kid #2The reality is, almost any food can cause cavities; but some foods are worse than others. Sticky, sugary snacks in particular are capable of remaining on the teeth much longer than other foods, and the longer food remains on the teeth the more likely it is that cavities will form.

Another fact to keep in mind: sugary drinks and juices are some of the most common factors that lead to cavities in kids! For this reason, try to limit or eliminate the amount of juice your child drinks. You can also dilute your child's favorite juice or drink with water to help reduce the sugar content, but the best thing to do is save juices and other sugary drinks for meal time. Children who drink sugary drinks between meals, or as their primary source of hydration are typically prone to more cavities.

Remember: a healthy diet is almost important as brushing when it comes to keeping your child's teeth cavity free!