Caring For Your Children's Teeth

Daily brushing of your child’s teeth should begin as soon as the first tooth erupts. If your child is too young to spit, use a non-flouridated toothpaste. If they are able to spit, the toothpaste can contain fluoride. When introducing toothpaste to the brushing reginmin, remember that a little goes a long way. A smear of toothpaste should suffice for our youngest patients. Make sure your child doesn't swallow too much toothpaste with Fluoride, as this can effect the color of their adult teeth, which have been forming since birth!

When you first introduce brushing to your young child, they will not have the manual dexterity necessary to properly hold the toothbrush and reach all the areas necessary for a thorough cleansing. During this time, you should brush for them using light pressure and a delicate, but effective touch. Use this opportunity to teach your child about the importance of brushing and let them know that soon, they will be brushing on their own...

Most children don’t develop the coordination necessary to brush properly until they are around 6 years old. When your child is ready to brush independently, we recommend starting out with an electric toothbrush. It's fun and functional, giving your child that extra umph to get at the plaque, food, and germs stuck in their teeth. A parent or caretaker should always oversee, making sure that a good job is done.

Best Dentist 4 KidsAnd don’t forget to include the tongue! Proper brushing of the tongue, cheeks, and gums will ensure fresh breath and a clean mouth feeling.

You will notice at first that your child's teeth have a lot of space between them. As they grow, they will start to get closer together. Once your child’s teeth are close enough to touch, it is time to introduce flossing. Floss helps to remove food, plaque, and other cavity forming agents from between the teeth. 

Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day completely, and especially at bedtime. After nighttime brushing, your child should avoid eating and drinking anything but water. Other choices can lead to cavities due to sugar content.