3 Songs that Will Have Any Child Brushing (and Dancing)

Best Dentist 4 Kids Presents: 3 Songs That Will Get Any Child Brushing (and Dancing)Music can be a great way to get even the most reluctant of children excited about brushing and flossing! That's why we've gathered up three more songs to accompany our Sesame Street post that are sure to get any child brushing (and dancing).

"Brush Your Teeth" - Raffi

Many of the children who grew up singing along to Raffi during the '80s and '90s now have children of their own! Best known for his children's hit "Baby Beluga," all of Raffi's songs lend themselves to learning, fun, and laughter.

"Brush Brush Bree" - Bear in the Big Blue House

This song is one of the many musical numbers to come from PlayHouse Disney's Bear in the Big Blue House, which ran from 1997-2006. "Brush Brush Bree" is a minute and twenty seconds of muppet-like fun that's perfect for singing, learning, and brushing! 

"Brush Your Teeth" - Busy Beavers

For those with a taste for reggae and great oral hygiene, this song from Busy Beavers is the perfect blend of both. This pop-reggae track is great for teaching particularly mellow little ones about brushing their teeth.

Do you and your little one have a favorite song for teeth brushing time? Share it with us in the comments below!