'Laughing Gas' and Giggles: Understanding Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Best Dentist 4 Kids_Blog_Sedation1Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

If anything, it's a phrase that sounds kind of daunting, but in reality Pediatric Sedation is a safe and simple option that allows even the most hesitant and resistant of little patients to experience a fun and happy trip to the dentist's office.

The key to ensuring that a child leaves each check-up with a smile is to make sure – from the moment they walk through the office door – that they're comfortable.

For most children, this is pretty easy to achieve. A parent in the treatment room and taking the time time "Tell-Show-Do" are usually all it takes.

But for some patients, thanks to a prior experience or other factors, it takes a bit more than this. It's for these patients that Pediatric Sedation Dentistry becomes an option.

Depending on the patient's unique situation, they will be treated using one of two sedation methods.


 Conscious Sedation

• Takes place in office
• Uses Nitrous Oxide (a.k.a "Laughing Gas")
• Patient stays fully conscious, but very relaxed
• Can lead to the giggles!
• Has little to no side effects 
• Effects wear off within minutes


Best Dentist 4 Kids_Blog_Sedation3

General Anesthesia

• Performed in a hospital setting
• Best Dentist 4 Kids works with Holy Redeemer Hospital
• Reserved for rarer situations
• Administered by a licensed anesthesiologist
• Procedure is monitored by a full dental staff


Every patient – no matter how big or how small – deserves to leave the dentist’s office, happy, healthy, and smiling. For some little patients, Pediatric Sedation Dentistry is a safe and easy way to make this possible.

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