5 Brilliant Tooth Fairy Gifts

Best Dentist 4 Kids: 5 Brilliant Tooth Fairy Gifts

In recent years, the Tooth Fairy has definitely upped the ante when it comes to her tooth collecting and gift giving habits. To help inform parents everywhere, we've gathered a list of 5 brilliant Tooth Fairy gifts and ideas that are sure to put a smile on your little one's face (no matter how many teeth their smile may be missing).

The World's Tiniest Letters

Tiny Tooth Fairy LettersIt's quite possible that the only thing better than catching a glimpse of the Tooth Fairy herself is to wake up and find a hand-written letter beneath your pillow. 

These teeny tiny letters are exactly what children and parents would expect of the Tooth Fairy. It would be difficult for a fairy to hold a human sized pen, now wouldn't it?

To find out more about how these wonderfully small Tooth Fairy letters find their way underneath pillows, click here.

Tooth Fairy Doors

Britches & Boots: Tooth Fairy DoorNot a gift per say, but it is a well-known fact that one of the Tooth Fairy's favorite methods of travel is the Tooth Fairy Doors System (or TFDS for short). 

No bigger than a doll-house door, a TFDS door usually appears in the bedroom of a child in the days before they lose their first tooth. Occasionally the TFDS installation team gets a little backed-up, and will miss the first or second tooth. In these cases, the door is often accompanied with a note apologizing for the service delay.

Britches & Boots does a fantastic job of telling the story of how her own children's Tooth Fairy Doors appeared here.

Dollar Bill OrigamiRedoMom: Dollar Bill Origami

Did you know that the Tooth Fairy was a master of dollar bill origami? Neither did we! 

Turns out that it's possible to fold a dollar bill into anything. A dollar (or perhaps three depending on the current inflation rate) from the Tooth Fairy shaped like a dog, a tiny treasure box, or a fighter jet? Yes, please!

Parents looking to replicate the Tooth Fairy's master paper folding skills need only turn to the internet and search "dollar bill origami" to find hundreds of results.

To try your hand at some of the creations we have pictured here, you can check out the Redo Mom blog and their blog post "15 Tutorials for Dollar Bill Origami from the Tooth Fairy" here.

A Crazy Tooth PillowGet Your Craft On: Money Monster Pillow

Here's another item on our list that isn't exactly a Tooth Fairy gift, but that doesn't change the fact that felted Tooth pillows are both adorable and tons of fun to make.

For those who are more inclined to get crafty, there are options like Get Your Craft On's wonderfully polished (yet still incredibly silly) "Money Monster" tooth pillow. 

For those who are more craft-challenged, there are plenty of simpler options out there. Regardless, a tooth pillow is a great way to get your child excited about their next visit from the tooth fairy.

A Walnut Surprise

Curly Birds: Fairy Walnut PresentsWhat could possibly be more fairy-esque than a ribbon wrapped walnut with a gift inside? Not much.

As the Tooth Fairy knows all too well, walnut shells are the perfect size for small trinkets and coins (not  to mention carefully folded bills). Walnut shells also happen to be wonderfully suited to Fairy methods of transport, including the TFDS and traditional flying.

To find out more about how the Tooth Fairy crafts these ribbon-wrapped and woodland-theme surprises, parents can check out the incredibly informative how-to post from Curly Birds which can be found here.

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