Cavities Happen: Caring for Your Child's First Cavity

Best Dentist 4 Kids Presents: Cavities Happen - Caring for your Child's First CavityNo matter how much our little ones may brush or how often they may floss, sometimes, cavities  happen. The keys to caring for your child's first cavity (and any cavities that may follow) can be found in three simple steps: Being able to identify cavities and other early signs of tooth decay, maintaining good dental hygiene habits, and a trip to the dentist's office.

What are the early signs of tooth decay?

Being able to care for a cavity means being able to recognize the early signs of tooth decay. Some of the more common indicators of tooth decay include chalky white patches on the tooth. Over time, these chalky spots can become darker in color, progressing to a brown. If left unchecked, these brown spots then turn into holes and thus a cavity is born. Once a cavity has formed, the tell-tale signs include visible holes or brown spots, pain while brushing, toothaches, sensitivity to sweets, and sensitivity to hot and cold. 

Truthfully, the best way to deal with cavities is to prevent them! If you think your child may be developing a cavity or that they already have one, twice daily brushing habits (that are accompanied by regular flossing habits) can slow the process of tooth decay and demineralization. 

At the end of the day, though, if you believe that your child may have a cavity or the beginnings of one, it's time to schedule an appointment for the dentist's office.

A Trip to the Dentist's Office

Once at the dentist's office, your Pediatric Dentist will be able to assess the state of your child's tooth along with the appropriate course of action. Depending on where a cavity is or how advanced it is, your dentist may recommend one of several treatments including: a fluoride treatment to strengthen your child's teeth, removing the affected area and putting in a filling, recommending a sealant procedure, or – in cases where a cavity-afflicted baby tooth is on the verge of falling out – they may not have to do anything at all!

Regardless of which procedure ends up being the right cavity fix for your child's tooth – there's always a solution in sight because sometimes cavities happen.

Still have questions about cavities?

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